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johnevans's Journal

John Evans
19 August 1976
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Little is known about the man who goes by the name "John Evans", but much is rumored. Whispers aver that he is smarter than Sailor Mercury, kinder than Kasumi, more psychotic than Kodachi and less social than Squall. He has been heard to mention an aspiration to design computer games, and apparently in his spare time he does some sort of writing.

"True success is being paid for your insanity."

I find the whole idea of a "friends" list confusing. There are lots of people whose journals I read consistently, but not all are my friends. In fact, there are certain people whose journals I read BECAUSE they're not my friends. Keep your friends close, etc.. So I don't have a "friends list". If you think you're my friend, you can probably assume you are; if you're unsure, you can always ask...