Last week I went down and met with midomi...then we flew back up and settled into a home together.

Living with someone is a new experience for me. But it's easier than I had expected. Maybe we just go together and get along really well...

I feel...happy. Every moment is happier than it was before she was here.

I love you, Mids. <3
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A month or two ago I was going through old CDs and I decided to put on the Phantasy Star Online soundtrack. I hadn't listened to it in a while, and when I startled me. I believe I got PSO soon after it was released, which according to Wikipedia was November 2000. I played it often for several months. (Only single player, really.)

November 2000 was a time in my life when I was trying desperately to finish college. I was sick of it and I wanted to do something else; I wanted to graduate, but my social anxiety was making it hard. I was living alone in an apartment in Cambridge, walking to and from school most days. I was seeing a psychotherapist, and he was great, but he wasn't a cure-all. The stress in my life had triggered a certain amount of depression as well. I still had a ways to go in figuring out how to manage my life and my mind.

When I listened to that soundtrack, I remembered that time. I suddenly felt lonely. It was startling how intense the sensation was...and how I didn't remember being that lonely at the time (probably because I was kind of messed up).

I don't like feeling lonely. I don't want to feel lonely. So, tomorrow I am going to visit midomi. And I am bringing her back to move in with me.

I don't feel lonely now. Somehow I feel...confident.
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