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Telemarketing Fail

So I got two voicemail messages. The first says something about giving me a loan, "Don't be alarmed, these are not new charges and you do not have to pay anything", and it tries to entice me into calling their number. Fine, whatever, I don't care.

The second one, however, has a woman who says "Looking over your paperwork, I think we can lower your interest rate and get you out of debt a lot sooner".

The first amazing thing here is that I'm not in debt. They just call random numbers to see if they can get people in debt. Damn, it's like telemarketer wardialing! There's also an element of social engineering: "We have your paperwork. We know you're in debt." Of course, since I'm not, the whole thing is exposed as a lie.

The second amazing thing is that these are voicemails, and the first few seconds are cut off. This makes it obvious that these are recordings. Someone dials a number and—no, scratch that, a machine dials a number and plays a message to it. The sheer audacity of this is mind-boggling.

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