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News & and a quiz

So, I haven't posted here much, but that's all right. I have a few other places around the web where I post updates.

John Evans' Facebook Page
John Evans' Twitter
Chaoseed Software
Chaos Garden - Game Design Blog

In terms of actual news: Things are going quite well. Sometime in the next month or so I'll have some news...Maybe good news, maybe disappointing, but we'll see. Until then I won't have much to say.

Beyond that, a friend of mine had one of those 'quiz' things she wanted me to do (well, I did volunteer). So, I'll write about that...but, be warned, you may be learning more about me than you wanted to know! ;)

Reply to this post by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

My five words are from devils_dance. (Her journal is sort of NSFW, so, 'caveat clickor'...)

1. Games

Well, what can I say? Games are my life. They've really become something that defines me. Creating games brings together so many interesting skills—Writing, programming, mathematics, logic, marketing...And there's something about them that has attracted me all my life. I've dedicated years to learning about them, to playing as many significant ones as I can. From Pac-Man to Oblivion, from DOOM to Civilization, from Magic: the Gathering to Dwarf Fortress, from Ghostbusters on C64 to Ghostbusters on XBox 360—I'm an expert! (I hope.) Soooo...I could talk about games for hours. :D

2. Open relationships

I've actually met a couple of people who are interested in this, and I've thought about it a lot. Here's my take on it...What is jealousy? I believe jealousy is when you feel like someone else has something that is rightfully yours. So, if your partner (whatever that means) spends time with another person, then you feel like that's time that should be spent with you.

However...Somehow, I've never felt like I have any "claim" to someone, even if I'm in a relationship with them. Do I really have the right to tell someone what to do, every minute of the day? Or that there are some things they only do with me? I've never felt like I have the right to say things like that. Therefore, I've had a lot of sympathy for "open relationships".

3. Nerdyness

The word "nerd" gets used in a lot of ways. There are two main aspects to it...First, there's an aspect of social awkwardness. The truth is that I suffer from a condition called social phobia (social anxiety disorder). Everyone experiences some social anxiety on occasion, but when it interferes with one's life, that's when they call it a "disorder". It's a basic part of my's defined my life. However, after years of work I've been making progress in controlling it. I can now buy groceries—even without one of those self-checkout machines.

Of course, there's another aspect to being a "nerd", and that's being interested in learning (especially science and math). This overlaps with the modern usage of "geek", as well. I'm glad that nowadays people can take pride in their love of learning. (Back at MIT we had "Nerd Pride"!)

4. Hair

So, back in high school I decided to grow my hair long in a quest for individuality. Then I realized that I actually like the way I look with long hair. So, I've kept it that way ever since then.

I've also grown a beard and mustache, because I think I look too young without them. And of course, ladies love the beard!

5. Cuteness :D

Well, I don't really know what to say about's all in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? ;) I will say this: I think cuteness happens when you really like someone and you feel connected to them.

I hope that answers all the questions. ;)
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